Institut Fédératif d’Etudes et de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Santé Société

Since 2010, IFERISS has supported interdisciplinary research projects seeking to answer key questions on health and society, in partnership with regional authorities and key players. Research is presented over the course of the project in seminars that report on its progress.

Throughout the year, IFERISS:

- invites outside researchers to present their work. Each talk is followed by a general discussion with seminar participants,

- organizes regular workshops called ConTRoversations de La Grave with outside speakers who discuss topics pertaining to health and society,

- organizes conferences in collaboration with research laboratories, universities, elementary schools, and/or associations.

- organizes one day each year for IFERISS member team doctoral students to present their theses.

Each of these events is provided free to the public.