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The Institut Fédératif d'Etudes et de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Santé et Société is a federation for interuniversity research whose principal aim is to promote and galvanize interdisciplinary scientific activity along the main themes of Health and Society.

The idea of creating such an interdisciplinary and inter-laboratory research federation sprung from the convergence of several lines of thinking:

- a scientific perspective that seeks to enhance interdisciplinary research,

- a value-creating point of view that aims to develop connections between health organizations and regional governments so as to better share the knowledge gained from such research, in particular with healthcare and policy-making sites.

IFERISS's objectives

  • Strengthen the scientific dynamic between member teams and make it even more visible
  • Amplify interdisciplinary research by favoring responses to regional, national, and international calls for proposals.
  • Develop links to health organizations and regional governments so as to better share the knowledge gained from such research, in particular with healthcare and policy-making sites.

These objectives bring together scientific disciplines that contribute to public health research (epidemiology, as well as health-related biostatistics, economics, sociology, political science, psychology, and psychosociology). Several areas of high-priority multidisciplinary research have been defined with respect to contemporary health questions.

In fields such as public health and its implications, interdisciplinarity is particularly necessary to furthering research. It is only by confronting concepts and tools around a specific subject recognized as complex—health—that knowledge and understanding as well as methodological innovation can make progress. Research on health services is a vast field that covers work on performance indicators for the healthcare system as much as economic analyses, and the management or organization of services. Although it is essential, the analysis of the interaction between users and the healthcare system remains little explored and little understood, notably in France. Health is not only the result of a system of care, but is also shaped by society. Social health inequalities underscore the necessity of reflecting on social health determinants, of which work is one of the major components.

Research topics

  • Social inequalities in health, their social determinants, and chains of causality
  • Research on health systems
  • Interventions

The IFERISS board members:

Director: Thierry Lang, Professor - Université Toulouse 3
Assistant Director: Jean-Claude Marquié, Head of Research - Université Toulouse 2
Assistant Director: Isabelle Poirot-Mazères, Professor - Université Toulouse 1
Assistant Director: Anne Mayère, Professor - Université Toulouse 3